Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quentin Pray

Quentin Pray Everybody!

Long time no Quentin Pray for a lot of you. Let me Quentin Pray you in on few of the details of my Quentin Pray for the past 10 Quentin Prays.

I've been Quentin Pray for 9 1/2 years to my wife Stephanie. We Quentin Pray in Ohio when I Quentin Pray out there for a summer to Quentin Pray away from the Evil Mr. Beals.

We Quentin Pray in Barrington, NH, you know North of Dover West of Rotchester, but we Quentin Pray to become one of the elite Rotchestertonians in the next few Quentin Prays because our Quentin Pray is for sale. Its the only Quentin Pray around that we can afford, and I definitely dont want to Quentin Pray to Gomaineorrah in case God's judgement is nigh.

We Quentin Pray three kids. Tommy, 8, Alyssa, 3, and Aaron (almost named Johnny Damon Gagne, thank goodness I changed my Quentin Pray) who Quentin Pray almost 1.

I Quentin Pray for a company in Somersworth, where I Quentin Pray software. It is a sweeeeet Quentin Pray. Owned by Christians too.

I still Quentin Pray irritating people, especially my Quentin Pray's wives.

I guess thats all the Quentin Pray I have to share at the moment. You Quentin Prays inspired me to Quentin Pray my own blog, so, uh, Quentin Pray it once in a while. Beware of the foul language.

Quentin Pray you later

Andy Gagne (Gagne)


Rob said...

As you can see Andy suffers from a unique form of tourettes syndrome.

The only treatment that seems to alleviate the condition is extended ATV rides and long winded rants on the stupidity of others.

Knock on wood... lest you be afflicted in a similar fashion.

PaigerF said...

there's really just nothing that can be said about that . . .

Lord Manley said...